Manitou Days

A summer festival celebrating White Bear Lake!

Did you know....?

  • Jack Moser, who helped Burnet Realty agents Jan Raphael and Sandy Espe Sorenson begin the event, wrote the clues for the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt from 1975-1993.

  • The medallion was never found in 1997; in fact, the large brass medallion disappeared altogether.  A new plexiglass medallion was commissioned for 1998. Since 2019, hunters have been able to keep the medallion that they find. 

  • The earliest the medallion has been found was in 1994 with only 4 clues. The longest hunt was in 2004 at Bossard Park; it took all 12 clues.

  • On average, it has taken eight out of the possible ten clues to find the medallion since 2000.

  • Children have found or have been part of the finding team over 75% of the hunts, making this a truly family-friendly event.

  • The medallion was supposed to be hidden at Lion’s Park in 2000 but the location was quickly changed when the clue writers were caught duct-taping the medallion to the bottom of a picnic bench. 

  • The 2012 medallion was hidden on the night of clue writer Chad O’Leary’s wedding; it was in his pocket during the ceremony and then he and Jan Holtz snuck out of the reception at Manitou Station to place it at the Depot. 

  • The most commonly searched landmark during the Treasure Hunt year-after-year is the War Memorial on Clark Avenue (but it was hidden there in 1985 so perhaps a good idea?).  

  • Over 95% of the time the medallion is hidden during the day. Are you keeping your eyes open?

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