Manitou Days

A summer festival celebrating White Bear Lake!

It takes the talent, hard work and dedication of many people to successfully run 60+ events in three weeks! There is a core group of more than 20 volunteers who begin planning Manitou Days in January, and there are volunteers who only help with one project or event. But we all have a great time while creating a very special festival that brings our community together.

The Planning Committee meets Fridays at 9 am. To receive meeting invites and other news about Manitou Days, email

Every year, White Bear Events recognizes a Volunteer of the Year. The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an active participant in the White Bear Lake area—one who demonstrates exceptional service to our community. Furthermore, the recipient’s involvement significantly impacts our White Bear Lake community and/or the organization(s) in which she or he is involved.

Nominations for the 2020 Volunteer of the Year will be accepted through Monday, June 15.

Committee Chairs

Volunteer Contacts

White Bear Events - Chair 2019/2020

Dale Grambush

White Bear Events -  Chair 2021/2022
Bill Weigel

White Bear Events - Past Chair

John Lupo

Sponsorship Chair
Dale Grambush

Parade Co-chairs
Paul Carlson & Ken Peterson

Logistics Chair
Rick Juba

Publicity Chair

Lisa Beecroft & Angela Homic

Volunteer of the Year Chair

Sara Hanson

Paul Carlson & Ken Peterson

Beach Dance
Bill Foussard

All Other Events

Planning Committee

Alex Carter

Judy Craig

Julie Erickson

Joy Erickson

Sandy Espe-Sorenson
Karyn Essen
Nancy Fessler
Bill Foussard

Bianca Fucini

Sara Markoe Hanson

Al Haskins

Carter Johnson

Missy Joyce

Bob Morse

Dick Mumbleau

Chad O'Leary

Pat Oven

Marlene Petersen

Jan Rapheal

Christi Schreyer

Troy Strand

Julie Swanson

Lori Swanson

Frank Watson


2019 Community Volunteer of the Year - Bill Weigel


Past Volunteers of the Year

2019 - Bill Weigel
2018 - Lynn & Carol Farley
2017 - Lisa Beecroft
2016 - Pat Oven
2015 - Paul Carlson & Ken Peterson

2014 - Fletcher Driscoll
2013 - Jan Rapheal
2012 - Ken Galloway
2011 - Sharon Schmidt
2010 - Dale Grambush
2009 - Nancy Roth
2008 - Norm Vogel
2007 - Doug Shepard & Jack Fleischacker
2006 - Lolle Stephenson